Handcrafted fine pewter, recognized for its warm,
evocative style and enduring themes of faith, family, and spirit.
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Almost daily we are reminded of how Cynthia's art "Tugs on One's Heartstrings" through comments and notes shared with us by our customers and others who have received our products as gifts.  We appreciate your thoughts and suggestions and hope this Guest Book provides a forum for discussion and comments between our friends.  Blessings, and have a great day!




                                Comments:Hi Cynthia,
                                                 I purchased three of your "Three Sisters" pin several years ago. I
                                                 kept one for myself and gave the other two to my sisters as gifts. I hadn't worn
                                                 it much until recently. When one of my sisters was hospitalized after suffering
                                                 from a major heart attack, I thought about the pin. I wanted to wear it the next
                                                 day to the hospital but could not find it. Low and behold my sister had the same
                                                 thought and showed up with hers the next day. Sadly our sister did not recover
                                                 and passed away three weeks after her heart attack. She was buried wearing her 
                                                 pin and I received some comfort in knowing that something tangible that we all
                                                 shared was being laid to rest with her. Thank you. 






                                  Comments:Cynthia, I just want to express how much I enjoy your work. My sister in law & I
                                              went to the harvest festival at the Del Mar race track last yr. We needed a
                                              break. We had been busy packing up my mom's home. She had just recently passed
                                              away. When we came across the pewter pieces I had to stop and look as pewter was
                                              something my mom had collected for numerous yrs.  Your remembrance piece caught
                                              my eye. It was so timely. I bought a piece for my sister in law and for myself. 
                                              I ended up giving my piece away to a friend who had lost her husband.  They are
                                              a wonderful keepsake to give to someone who has just lost a loved one. I will be
                                              purchasing another piece for myself and a few extra.
                                              I also purchased one of your heart pcs which I enjoy very much. You have
                                              been blessed with a beautiful craft. Thank you! 






Purchased some wall ornaments and all my friends loved them. I did have several 
                                                        friends buy new houses this year and would love to see a new home/bless this 
                                                        home..etc christmas ornament. Love your work, thanks


                                                                           Name:Lover of Art


                                                            Date:December 10, 2010


                                        Cynthia - I have purchased numerous pieces of your beautiful work over the years
                                            and thank you for sharing your wonderful talents! A few years ago, I purchased
                                            one of the beautiful nativity table top pieces for my parents. Then last year I
                                            was able to add the angel to the set. Aret there any plans for continuing on
                                            with the shephards, kings and animals? Thank you again for sharing your
                                            wonderful talents and have a blessed Christmas!

                                                                         Name:Charleen Haas


                                                           Date:November 29,2010


                          Dear Cynthia, Some years ago my sister bought 3 of your 3 sister pins. I looked like a photo of us as children.
                            My mother had make us nightgowns and as we modeled them she took pictures of us. we all immediately
                            recognized our memory in your pin. We also have 2 younger brother.  in the past couple of years we lost my
                            brother to sickness. This past summer my oldest sister died at 59 yrs. old. My sister and I wore our "sister" pins
                            to the funeral. My mother and my brother both commented on them. They wanted to know is there was a
                            pin with 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  Is it possible for you to consider creating such a pin in the future?  Our family 
                            would be so happy to see such a pin available. We were once 5 children and now we are 3!  But always, we
                            remember our days as the 5. Thanks you so much for all your fine workmanship.  Charleen Haas

                                                                            Name:Cynthia Webb 




                                                         We have the same name and the same sensibilities! I have a cross hanging
                                                          by a lavender ribbon in my bedroom. I found it in a gift shop several years
                                                          ago and fell in love with it--I was shocked when I saw my name on it!
                                                          My mother knew I liked it and surprised me with it shortly before
                                                          she died of breast cancer. Today I saw more of your work in the
                                                          Signals catalog and wanted to contact you to tell you how exquisite I find
                                                          your work to be! You combine beauty with meaning in all that you do.
                                                          Thank you and bless you!  


                                                                      Name: Kate 




                                                     I am a collector of your work.  I have 6 items in my kitchen alone.  I buy my
                                                     items from Kay at standing rock in hudson, Oh.  I just wanted to let you know 
                                                      how much I enjoy your work!




                                                       Date:November 28, 2009


                                         I love your products.  I have many displayed around my house and have given many
                                         for gifts.  Very special!  One of my favorites is the family ties with the 
                                         individual family members tied along a piece of ribbon.  I purchased several
                                         years ago when I had two children.  I now have 3 and returned to the Escape in
                                         Georgetown TX where I purchased only to find discontinued. :(  I'm so sad!  I 
                                         want a small boy to add to represent my 3rd child.  Do you know if any are still 
                                         available anywhere?  I would love to complete my family b/c now it's kind of 
                                         useless to me with only 4.  Never even thought I would not be able to add to it.
                                         Again, thanks for creating such wonderful pieces!



                                                          Date:August 24, 2009   


        A couple of years ago I found a small "coin" heart on my desk.  On the back I
could see an inscription "entwined in my heart".  I thought it to be very
pretty, so I kept it, although I have no idea where it came from.  I somehow
misplaced it, and today, miraciously I find it in my desk drawer.  It's like it
follows me, lol.  Anyway, I decided to see if I could find anything about it,
and a simple search "entwined in my heart pewter heart coin" gave me your web
site.  It is the Celtic heart that you have made into a charm and earrings.  But
this is just the heart, not in an earring or charm form, just in a "coin" style.
  I think I am hooked on your art! Regardless of how I got here, I am happy I


                                                                        Name: LouAnn Rueller

                                                                        Date: August 11, 2009             


    Cynthia!  I was your neighbor in Rancho Penasquitos 15 years ago.  My husband
Ric and I have great memories of you and your family.  Over the years I have
 given many of your designs as gifts, and a few for myself.  You continue to do
such beautiful work!   

                                                                        Name:Sarah Gallagher



                                             Hello Cynthia!  It was great seeing you again this year at the Bro-Am
                                          auction night!  Thank you for your generosity in sharing the many items
                                          to be auctioned off!  So glad you introduced yourself again this year
                                          and we were able to visit a bit!  I LOVE your Bro-am necklaces!  I feel
                                          honored to have the 2008 and 2009 "models"!  Thank you for your
                                          continued kindness and thoughtfulness!  I will watch for your 
                                          products here in the Chicagoland area!  Blessings, Sarah 

                                                                          Name: Lisa                                                       

                                                                          Date: 12/16/08                      


I fell in love with Cynthia's My Boys with the 3 little boy figures
framed.  I purchased it in a little shop in Door County WI.  I LOVE IT. 
However, when we returned from our trip, we found out we were pregnant AGAIN,
and it's a boy! That was a year and a half ago.  So, now we have the my 3 boys
artwork which I love but, we have 4 boys.  Is it possible to make one with 4
boys one it?   I woudl by it in a heartbeat!   


                                                                          Name: Pamela

                                                                          Date: 12/15/08                                                                                             


                 I am so happy to have found your pewter designs! Every time that I give any of
             your work to my friends  and family they are soooo excited. Some new ideas are
                 to use the charms/bookmarks on purses and cell phones. What wonderful gifts they
are! Can't wait to see what else will be following! 


                                                                          Name: Shelley

                                                                          Date: 6/30/08                      


                                  I have several of your thoughtful pieces in my home and they inspire and touch 
               me each day.  My nephew and his new bride are expecting their first child soon 
         and I will be giving them the very special room blessing about the child who 
         dwells here in hopes that it will bring comfort to them and protection to this 
               very precious gift we will be welcoming into our family in September.  Thank you 
               Cynthia for your touching and heartfelt pieces.  Each and every one of them are 
        a treasure. 


Date: 9/27/06 Name: Carrie
Comments: I love your work and I have given many out to friends for confirmation and baptism and 1st communion. I always get a great response to them. I always feel proud giving your work as gifts. Thank You!



Date: 8/14/06 Name: Beverly
Comments: I have two very close friends and none of the three of us have sisters so we "adopted" each other as sisters.  Christmas 2004 I bought two of the Three Sisters key chains for their gifts.  At the time I did not have the funds to buy myself one.  January 2005, on my birthday, they made sure I also had one.  Now we all three carry them proudly on our purses.  So many people have asked about the wonderful key chain and I always have to share our sister story.  Thanks for making our relationship even more close.


Date: 4/3/06 Name: Jessica Parsons
Comments: I agree - great site! Beautiful Products
Date: 4/2/2006 Name: Phil Maitland
Comments: Wonderful site - I love it all!!!!! :o> Phil
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